Melly Lym is an artist from Seoul, South Korea, currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA. She works with a variety of mediums such as fabric, clay, and paint. Moving to the States at an early age, Melly believes she has two different identities: one in South Korea and one in the U.S. The cultural barrier that exist between the two countries has made her feel more distant from her mother than ever. Yet, she loves and cares for her mother because she knows that they are similar in many ways. She is still on her journey to find the right place where both of them can understand each other.  She started her performance career by trying to be the opposite kind of human being and daughter that her mother wanted her to be. Now it has become a way for her to be who she wants to be, to say what she wants to say. She often uses humor and sarcasm to mask the pain and trouble that is apparent in her works. She loves exploring with the female breast forms because she sees them as a storage space where all the pain is stored and kept a secret.